🇬🇧 GoVivant MEMBER is our lifestyle subscription. We are a closed group of members that is constantly searching for hotspots, tendencies and lifestyle.

Being a MEMBER connects you with the best of a city can offer. You'll be part of a selected group of people that has the lifestyle in their skin. 

As a MEMBER, you be able to access advantages as:

  • At least 1 WELCOME DRINK PER DAY in our Partners. It is 30+ Drinks per month and 365+ drinks per year!
  • Access to Guest Lists of upcoming Events and exclusive GoVivant Events. We add MEMBERS automatically whenever they are around an Event of ours or a Partner.
  • Special Discounts and Deals in Events and Experiences.
  • Support from our Concierge whenever you need. Help for reservations, tips from bars or local events, talk to the concierge.

Being a GoVivant MEMBER is all you need when figuring out what to do and be well received in hotspots. Discover a new model of hospitality.

Do you feel like a MEMBER? Don't waste more your time! Subscribe through the GoVivant App and join us now!

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